Save the Date 2016-2017

FALL 2016


Monday, August 29th                            Classes Begin                                                                           RPI Campus

Wednesday, Aug 31st                            Meet the Greeks                     6:00pm - 9:00pm                   McNeil Room

Thursday, Sept. 1st                                Activities Fair                          6:30pm-8:30pm                     AS&RC Armory Gym

Monday, Sept. 12th                                HockeyLine Celebration        7:00pm-11:00pm                  Union & Field House

Saturday, Oct. 1st                                   NSBE/SHPE Career Fair        10:00am-4:00pm                  AS&RC Armory Gym

October 7th-8th                                      Reunion & Homcoming*                                                        Campus wide event

October 21st-23rd                                  Family Weekend**                                                                  Campus wide event

Saturday, Oct. 22nd                                International Festival             11:00am-2:00pm                 McNeil Room

Sunday, Oct. 23rd                                   GM/PU Brunch**                     9:00am-11:00am                 McNeil Room

Friday, Oct. 28th                                     Black Friday Hockey Game     7:00pm                                 Houston Field House

Saturday, Nov. 12th                               Dutchman Shoes Football      12:00pm                                ECAV                           

Friday, December 9th                            Last day of classes                                                                  RPI Campus


Spring 2017


Tuesday, Jan. 17th                                 Classes resume                       7:00am                                  RPI Campus

Thursday, Jan. 19th                               Mayor’s Cup Hockey Game    7:30pm                                 Times Union Center

February                                                  8th Annual Winter Carnival     11am-3pm                           ECAV

Saturday, Feb. 4th                                 White Out                                    11:00am-3:00pm               ECAV

Friday, Feb. 17th                                    RPI Spirit Day 2017                                                                Share your red!

Saturday, Feb. 18th                               40th Annual Big Red Freakout  7:00pm                              Houston Field House

March                                                      Genericon 30th Anniversary                                                 RPI Campus

March 13th-17th                                   Spring Break                                                                            RPI Campus

March 31st-April 7th                            Grand Marshal Week                                                             Campus wide event

Wednesday, April 5th                           GM Day & Provost BBQ               11:00am-3:00pm            Campus wide event

Wednesday, May 3rd                            Last day of classes                                                                RPI Campus

Wednesday, May 3rd                            Spring Fling                                                                             Residence Life

Saturday, May 20th                              RPI Commencement                    8:30am                            Campus wide event


* Alumni RSVP with the Office of Alumni Relations.
** Families RSVP with the Office of the Student Experience.

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