RPI Players - Our Town

Start time

Friday, March 10, 2017 - 8:00pm


EMPAC: Studio 1


RPI Players presents Our Town, a FREE show in EMPAC Studio 1. 

Description - Our Town: a New Media Theatrical Experience presents a new media re-imagining of Thornton Wilder's American theater classic. Wilder’s play endures because it touches a core of the human condition: our inability to fully appreciate moments of our lives before they pass us by. This powerful message is sometimes lost when the play is misunderstood as Americana kitsch. Using new technologies, this production will reinvigorate this play for contemporary audiences by incorporating a responsive gesture-based interactive system for actors to control commissioned artworks projected on a large-scale 360-degree immersive screen environment, and a new directional audio score. In a radical departure from common approaches to media in performance, which often risk potentially alienating audiences unfamiliar with avant-garde traditions, this project utilizes a mainstream play in a way that invites audiences members in to experience a new connection with an American classic.