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'Tis the season. It is officially time for the annual RPI Activities Fair. Here are our top ten tips for how to have a great fair.  1. Believe the Hype We bet you heard about the Activities Fair from your RA, your SOA, your MOM (yes, your mom), and a bunch of other folks. How can this event...

Each year Rensselaer will collect information on clubs and organizations through a registration process that will allow clubs to operate on campus. In addition, information provided through the registration form will secure a table for the club at the Activities Fair on Thursday, September 3rd,...

Student involvement was likely fairly simple in high school. You might have followed in the footsteps of siblings or upperclassmen, or you might have known what resources were available to you through your coursework and counselors. Sometimes it can be more challenging to find your way in a new...

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