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Red & White


Claire Lukasiewicz
Tanner Hart
Vice President of Alumni Relations

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Rensselaer's Red & White Student Organization is a group of students who serve as ambassadors of Rensselaer, representing the institute to its constituency--the alumni, the campus, and the community.

Members of this popular and professional organization have the opportunity to network with alumni, develop leadership and communication skills, build career contacts, and participate in university, presidential, and alumni events. Members also help to promote the traditions of Rensselaer, guide seniors through the transition from students to alumni, and instill a sense of pride in the institute.

Red & White promotes the pride and preserves the traditions of Rensselaer through the embodiment of service and leadership while building student-alumni relations. In realizing this mission, the Red & White Student Organization provides communication between the students and alumni of Rensselaer and serves to benefit its members and the Rensselaer community.