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Red Army


We meet at the fieldhouse, at hockey games.

Meeting Location: 
Houston Field House


Stephen Zenack
Hannah Eisenhofer
Vice President
Andrew Hebel

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Want the best seats in the Fieldhouse? We got them.

Want to be loud and Rowdy and not get in trouble with your RA? Us too.

Come to a hockey game, it'll be a good time.

Satisfy your urge to jump up and down, cheer until your muscles ache and shout until your throat is Rensselaer Red. The primary purpose of the RED ARMY is to support RPI athletics by making sure student fans are heard loud and clear. RED ARMY inspires students with pride in Rensselaer by promoting school spirit and energizing traditions. Greater involvement in all events and by all students on campus especially at sporting events is our mission as referenced by the Student Life Performance Plan. To create this kind of involvement the RED ARMY Committee utilizes its core competency of attracting students to attend the Engineers games.

If you can make it through this whole video, you have what it takes to be in the RED ARMY!