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Interfraternity Council


8:00 pm-9:00 pm
Meeting Location: 
DCC 337


Vish Gopalakrishnan
Jack Conlin
Executive Vice President
Brian Sposato
Vice President of Recruitment
Tejas Narayan
Vice President of Social Affairs
Elijah Hinds
Vice President of Risk Management
Chris Walters
Vice President of Philanthropy
Michael Russo
Vice President of Public Relations
Dominick Prudente
Vice President of Academics
Alec Passarelli
Daniel Klee
Peter Gramenides
Greek Senator

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The Inter Fraternity Council (IFC) exists to promote Greek Life at RPI by connecting individual chapters with one another along with the Rensselaer Administration. The council organizes general body meetings in which elected delegates from each chapter meet and discuss relevant Greek topics and vote on decisions.

To enrich the Brotherhood experience at RPI, the council offers events and opportunities to both educate potential members and facilitate closer Chapter relations.

Overall, the IFC encourages a more cohesive Greek community at the individual, Chapter, and Institute levels.