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Destination Imagination


8:00 pm-9:00 pm
Meeting Location: 
Phalanx Room, RPI Union


Colin Goldberg
Cailan Rowland
Vice President
Luke Chapdelaine

Social Media


Destination Imagination (DI) is a creative problem solving competition where teams compete from all over the world. Teams are given 9 months to solve one of 6 unique challenges as well as solving instant challenges at the competition. The challenges in DI are unique in that they combine technical and theatrical elements in an 8 minute long skit. The specifics of the challenges change every year but there are always the following categories:

Technical- This challenge generally deals with transporting objects or people to specific goal areas while integrating this movement into a skit.

Scientific- This challenge requires teams to research a specific topic and apply it to a fictional situation.

Structural- In this challenge teams build a structure and are scored on a ratio of the weight held to the weight of the structure. The nature and materials of the structure change year to year but it must always be integrated into a skit.

Fine Arts- This is a theatrical based challenge with an emphasis on storytelling. This challenge generally has a technical effects element.

Improvisational- This challenge requires teams to think on their feet and create a story based on elements they are given at the competition.

Project Outreach- Solve a real problem in your area and create an effective and entertaining presentation about it.

A brief overview of this year’s challenges can be found here:

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