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Rensselaer Formula Hybrid


8:00 pm-8:30 pm


New members are always welcome! Stop by a team meeting Mondays // 8pm // Ricketts 001 (basement floor), or email for more info!

Meeting Location: 
Ricketts 001


Evan Engisch
Team Lead
Costas Metropoulos
Chief Administator

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Rensselaer Formula Hybrid is an engineering team that designs and manufactures formula-style hybrid racecars for the annual Formula Hybrid Competition in Louden, NH. This national intercollegiate engineering competition pushes teams to integrate multiple engineering disciplines in order to design advanced hybrid-electric propulsion systems. The competition consists of design and presentation events, technical inspections, and dynamic racing events.

Students working on the team gain invaluable experience in engineering design, product manufacturing, project management, and technical communication.

With an incredibly complex vehicle architecture, the team is always looking for new members who share our excitement for developing technologies of the future. We have projects in need of extra minds in everything from mechanical, electrical, structural, and aerodynamic engineering to computer programming, financial administration, project management, and public outreach.