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8:00 pm-9:00 pm
Meeting Location: 
Rensselaer Student Union, Room 3606


Amy Kong
Mingyi Yuan (Cindy)
Fundraiser Chair
Yu Qiao
VP Internal

Social Media


Jade strives to bring together all the RPI female students who are interested in Asian culture and bring closer the relationship between International and American born students. It will put great emphasis on female leadership as well as promoting cultural awareness through friendship and sisterhood.


There are certain stigmas against Asian women that do not apply towards general women or the general Asian culture, such as “yellow fever” where Asian women are only sought after because their ethnicity, and they are assumed as weak.  Jade is promoting strength through friendship and education about how Asian women are as diverse and unique as other groups.  However, Jade is not exclusive to Asian women, but any woman who is interested in Asian culture and share the same struggles against modern stigmas and same spirit of wanting to be unique.  


Not only we promote Asian American cultural awareness, but we also help each member of Jade to build leadership and professional skills.  By taking on a position, everyone has given a responsibility that is directly related Jade's success on RPI campus.  We are enlightened with some of the things we could do together as a whole and are constantly planning for new events and providing opportunities to each other to better ourselves with.


All members of Jade strive to create a support system through this club so that we do not feel alone.  We are not merely a club, but we want to build personal connections with each member of Jade and help everyone to find a place where they can be themselves at RPI.