Rensselaer Union Student Senate


Tuesday: 7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Thursday: 12:00 pm-12:00 pm


Facilities & Services Committee: Wednesdays 8-9PM Rensselaer Student Union, Student Government Suite

Student Life Committee: Mondays 7-8PM, Rensselaer Student Union, Student Government Suite

Academic Affairs Committee: Mondays 7-8PM, Rensselaer Student Union, RU 3510

Hospitality Services Advisory Committee: Thursdays 8-9PM, Rensselaer Student Union, Student Government Suite

Student Government Communications Committee: Alternating Wednesdays, 6-7PM, Student Government Suite

​Union Annual Report Committee: Mondays 8-9PM Rensselaer Student Union, Student Government Suite


Meeting Location: 
Rensselaer Student Union, Shelnutt Gallery (RU 3606)


Marcus Flowers
Grand Marshal
Jess Krajewski
Vice Chair
Paul Ilori
Student Life Committee Chair
Justin Etzine
Chief Information Officer
Jen Church
Communication Chair
Spencer Scott
Academic Affairs Committee Chair
Michael Han
Facilities & Services Chair
Victoria Tong
Rules & Elections Chair
Andrew Sudano
Senate-Executive Board Liaison

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The Student Senate is a group of students elected to serve the student body.  We work with administrators to solve problems, improve student life, and provide a voice to student concerns. We’re always looking for interested students to join committees and work on projects that they feel passionate about.  Anyone is welcome at Senate meetings. 

The Senate examines legislation in its general body meetings but most of the work takes place in committee.  Committee projects have included bringing Moe’s to campus, assisting students with voter registration, improving the CDTA 286 bus route, and much more.  However, committees are not just open to Senators.  Any interested student is encouraged to join a committee and work on a Senate project they’re passionate about or even propose their own idea.  Committees meet weekly, so check out our calendar or email to learn more.