Class of 2018 Council


Thursday: 9:30 pm-10:30 pm
Meeting Location: 
Union Student Government Suite (3rd Floor)


Brenna Buckley
Sean Waclawik
Vice President

Social Media


The Class Council for the Class of 2018 is responsible for making decisions regarding class social events. These events include but are not limited to designing and marketing the class ring, planting the class tree, and choosing the class gift.

For additional information please contact Brenna,

Elected Positions

President: Brenna Buckley

Vice President: Sean Waclawik

Representatives: Zhengneng Chen, Kayla Cinnamon, Gwen Diabold, Matt Heimlich, Ellie Mees, Edward Qiao, Xing Tong, Stefanie Warner

Senators: Keegan Caraway, Justin Etzine, Jenna Freedberg, Steve Sperazza

Appointed Positions

PR Coordinator: Kayla Cinnamon

Secretary: Ellie Mees

Treasurer: Matthew Heimlich

Member-at-Large: Clark Li

Under construction

Student Activities Resource Person (SARP):