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Rensselaer Music Association


4:00 pm-4:30 pm


Meeting Times for the Spring 2019 semester are currently Sundays at 4pm in the J-Building Music Suite.

Meeting time changes per semester according to availability of officers. Please contact the RMA Chairman at for more information.

Meeting Location: 
J Building Music Suite


Rachel Ratte
Ethan Rose
Vice Chairman
Erin Solomon
Jessica Helliner
Ethan Rose
Livina Williams
Security Coordinator
Daniel Ackermans
Publicity & Recruitment Coordinator
Jeremy Wisbey
Concert Coordinator
Sarah Weissman
Concert Coordinator
Jackie Scanlon
Property Director
Livina Williams
Property Director
Dalton Slegel
Master Librarian
Tristan Protzman
Small Groups Representative

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The Rensselaer Music Association is the governing body of the RPI Union's musical groups. We host concerts and events throughout the year and maintain a music suite and library in the J Building. We also have a large variety of instruments available for students to rent. Our member groups include: Partial Credit, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, the Jazz Ensembles, Percussion Ensemble, Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra,The 8th Street Swing Band, Braniacs, and RPIgnite.