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Meets tri-weekly

Meeting Location: 
EMPAC, Studio Beta


Jonathan Gottwald, President
Maria Ullo, Treasurer

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The Rensselyrics exist for dedicated, musically inclined students to enjoy the experience of singing in an a cappella group and to enhance and share their talents with the Rensselaer Community. The organization provides an education in musical knowledge and performance, and it enlightens the community with its choral harmony. In order to achieve and maintain the best possible musical quality, the activities of the Rensselyrics may include, but are not limited to, auditions, regular rehearsals, public performances both on and off campus, creating a cappella recordings for display and distribution, and maintaining a library and repertoire of songs related and unrelated to Rensselaer. Rensselyrics is a member organization of the Rensselaer Music Association.