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Photo Club


8:00 pm-10:00 pm
Meeting Location: 
RU 3602


Devin Nguyen
David Dominguez
Vice President
Omar AlShaye
Workshop Coordinator
Kevin O'Neill
Tanner Whitney
Antonio D'Elia & Izzi Cain
PR & Social Media
Jesse Greaves
Darkroom Manager
Jason Kim
Trip & Gallery Coordinator

Social Media


The RPI Photo Club operates a full darkroom in RU3410 where members can develop and print both black and white and color film. We have an array of printing station with enlargers capable of printing 35mm, medium format, and large format negatives.  The darkroom is equipped with a temperature-controlled bath and unique drainage system for safe disposal of chemicals.  We also have a digital darkroom with a computer equipped with photography software and a digital professional-grade inkjet printer.  Members have access to these facilities nearly 24/7.

We have a full set of B&W and C41 color chemicals on tap for members to use at no additional cost.  As a member, you can purchase discounted supplies including inkjet paper, darkroom photographic paper, and a variety of B&W and color films for all formats.  Members also have access to rentals of a wide range of photography equipment, including film and digital cameras, lenses, and studio equipment including backdrops, continuous lighting, strobe lighting, and wireless triggers.

Our meetings are weekly and are workshop-oriented.  During the year, we will progress from the basics and an in-depth introduction to the art of photography towards advanced techniques and discussions.  Our workshops year-round include discussions on film and digital photographic techniques, digital post-processing workflows, film shooting and printing techniques in the darkroom, and more.  Officers can also provide one-on-one instruction and help outside of the weekly meeting time.

In the spring semester, the Photo Club hosts an annual gallery showcasing member work in the Shelnutt Gallery.  Members are also entitled to a subsidized trip to New York City in the spring, which includes photo walks and visits to galleries/museums.  

Membership Fees for 2014-2015 Academic Year
RPI Students: $25 per semester OR $40 per year