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Leadership Development


Rensselaer Union provides opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills including sponsoring programs focused on leadership skills, club administration proficiencies, and financial management. In addition, club members and officers are encouraged to seek out guidance from a Rensselaer Union SARP (Student Activities Resource Person) when seeking advice or help with program planning.

Student Officer Summit (S.O.S.)

Occurring each fall semester, this program is designed to give student organization officers the opportunity to engage in strategic planning, develop leadership skills, learn financial and risk management concepts, as well as learn how to apply student club experience to job interviews and career goals. 

Financial & Travel Workshops

Required for Rensselaer Union funded organizations, these workshops are held to assist students lead their student organizations.



The Archer Center was born out of Rensselaer Union programming and the need for students to have opportunities to learn about leadership techniques and how to work in teams. Though the Archer Center has grown into a Rensselaer department that provides required courses in both the School of Engineering and the Lally School of Management, the Rensselaer Union continues to support the Archer Center in exchange for programs to aid in student leadership development. 

Below, find a list of the various opportunities for leadership provided by the Archer Center specifically for student clubs and organizations. To learn about all the Archer Center has to offer, visit the Archer Center website. Additional questions can be directed to


Custom Workshops for Student Organizations 

To request a custom-designed workshop for your club or organization, please fill out the Workshop Request Form conveniently located on the Archer Center website. 

Please submit custom workshop requests at least two weeks prior to your desired training date.



Groups and organizations across the Rensselaer campus can contact the Archer Center to consult about any variety of leadership topics. One on one meetings or group consultation are available.


Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders is a series of four meetings designed to facilitate leadership development in first year students. The program is co-facilitated by the Archer Center and the Office of the First-Year Experience and serves to provide first-year students with an opportunity to develop a foundation of leadership skills and knowledge.

More information on the program and on how to apply: Emerging Leaders Program


Professional Leadership Program

A student interested in becoming a leader needs to bridge the gap between school and the workplace. The Professional Leadership Program (PLP) was designed to help selected juniors and seniors begin this transition. PLP fosters an awareness of the critical intersection between technology and people; how the use of one affects the performance of others. 

More information on the program view the brochure online.


Professional Leadership Series

Professional Leadership Series (PLS) is a non-credit course for graduate students that promotes discussion-based learning through a sequence of corporate-style seminars on topics such as issues around ethical decision-making, navigating corporate politics,k and managing conflict.


LEAP Program

The LEAP Program (Leadership Educators Advising Peers) is a new program comprised of a group of committed Rensselaer students who are trained in leadership education and workshop facilitation. LEAP trainers hold workshops each semester for individual students and student organization leaders to work on team dynamics.


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