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Outreach on Campus

How to Promote Your Event on Campus

Students at RPI have many avenues available to them to promote their club activities and events. Publicizing events on campus involves many channels, formats, and people. Many student organizations opt to post their events and activities through digital campus advertisingposter campaignsprinted publications, and social media platforms. Here are some tips and tricks to get your club and club events noticed. 

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Institute Brand Guidelines

Digital Advertising On Campus

Rensselaer Calendar of Events

Students may add events such as club meetings, social events, and other business to the Rensselaer calendar, which filters to the Rensselaer Union homepage and RPInfo

To log in and add an event to the calendar, visit this link. Log in using your RCS username and password. If your RCS username and password do not work, contact with your name and the club for whom you would like to enter events. When approved by your SARP, you will be given further instructions on how to activate your login.

Social Media 

Clubs and organizations often use their own social media accounts to interact with current students, prospective students, campus departments, and beyond. It is important for social media channels to be managed with club policies to ensure content being disseminated reflects the organization and is appropriate for campus use. Social media guidelines are coming soon to help student organizations utilize best practices when representing a club or a brand.


Concerto is a popular way for messages to be disseminated throughout the Rensselaer community. By simply uploading information in the form of a graphic/poster or via text, your club can spread it's message to multiple buildings on campus simultaneously. Advertisements rotate across a number of high resolution displays across campus. 

In order to post, individuals must have an RCS ID and password. To get started, visit Concerto. To learn more, visit ConcertoSupport.

Direct Marketing

Clubs and organizations are encouraged to engage in direct marketing for club events and activities. Identify clubs and student populations that include the intended audience and email those clubs or individuals directly to provide them with a personal invitation to events. Also, don't forget to ask what events they have coming up and if there is any way for you to support their organization, too!

Campus Newspaper

Polytechnic Ads

The Polytechnic is one of the oldest student newspapers in the country and still prints each week. Businesses and campus departments are encouraged to submit ads to get their message out to the Rensselaer community. Likewise, many Rensselaer Union funded clubs have Poly Credits allocated by the Executive Board in their budgets that may be used to take out an ad. For more information on how to advertise, visit The Poly website or email 


Campus Sign Policy

The Student Senate and Faculty Senate approved a campus sign policy that can be found in the Student Handbook. The general sign policy guidelines are below. 

  • Signs are only allowed on the exterior of the CII, DCC, and JEC.
  • Signs must have a take-down date in the bottom-right corner. Signs should be up for 2 weeks or less.
  • Organizations posting signs are responsible for removing them by the specified take-down date.

Rensselaer Student Union Bulletin Boards

Rensselaer Student Union has a variety of spaces available to student organizations for posting their events. Please see the revised Bulletin Board policy, passed in December, 2014. 

Policies & Restrictions


Chalk is not allowed on any campus buildings, walkways, or other outdoor surfaces in public areas by Environment & Site Services at RPI. 


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