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Summer Hours for All Union Facilities

Reading Days, Finals Week and Summer Schedule

Rensselaer Union
May 7th – May 11th                                          8am – 10pm
May 12th & May 13th                                        9am – 9pm                                    
May 14th                                                            Summer Hours Begin Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm
May 28th                                                            Closed card access only
July 4th                                                              Closed card access only
August 30th                                                      Fall hours begin

Games Room
May 7th - May 11th                                           1pm – 10pm
May 12th & May 13th                                       1pm – 9pm
May 14th                                                            Summer Hours Begin Monday – Sunday 1pm – 9pm
May 28th                                                             Closed
July 4th                                                                Closed
August 30th                                                        Fall hours begin

May 1st  – May 14th                                         Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 3pm, Sunday Closed
May 14th                                                            Summer Hours Begin Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday & Sunday Closed
May 28th                                                            Closed
July 4th                                                               Closed
August 30th                                                       Fall hours begin

May 1st – May 12th                                          Normal Hours of Operation
May 14th                                                            Summer Hours Begin Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm
May 28th                                                            Closed
July 4th                                                               Closed
August 30h                                                        Fall hours begin

Mueller Center
May 7th - May 11th                                             7am – 10pm
May 12th  & May 13th                                         9am – 7pm                         
May 14th                                                              Summer Hours Begin  M-F 7am – 8pm, Saturday& Sunday 9am – 5pm                             
May 28th                                                              Closed
July 2nd – 6th                                                       Closed
August 30th                                                          Fall hours begin       

87 Gym
May 7th                                                                Summer Hours Begin M – F 11am – 2pm, closed on Weekends 
May 28th                                                              Closed
July 4th                                                                Closed
August 30th                                                         Fall hours begin


McNeil Room                                                   
May 7th – May 11th                                         11am – 230pm
May 14th – May 18th                                       11am – 230pm
                                                                       TBD for Summer Hours

Rathskeller Dinning
May 7th – May 10th                                         11am – 12am
May 11th                                                             11am – 10pm
May 12th                                                             11am – 6pm

May 7th – May 11th                                         7:30am – 11pm
May 12th & May 13th                                        9:30am – 9pm
May 14th – May 18th                                        7:30am – 7pm
May 19th                                                            7:30am – 5pm (Commencement)
May 20th                                                             7:30am – 5pm 
May 21st                                                             Summer Hours Begin  M-F 7:30am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm, and Sunday Closed                                                                                      
May 29th                                                             Closed                                             
July 4th                                                                Closed
August 29th                                                         Fall hours begin

Ben and Jerry
Normal Hours of Operation until May 11th
May 12th& May 13th                                       Closed
May 14th                                                              Summer Hours begin 12pm – 8pm Monday – Friday, Closed on Weekends
May 28th                                                              Closed 
July 4th                                                                  Closed
August 30th                                                         Fall hours begin

Collegiate Store
Normal Hours of Operation Though May 11th  2018
Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm, Sunday Closed

May 14th   May 17th                                       9am – 5pm
May 18th                                                              9am – 6pm
May 19th                                                             7am – 5pm
May 20th                                                              Closed
May 21st                                                              Summer Hours Begin Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, closed on weekends
May 28th                                                              Closed 
July 4th                                                                  Closed
August 30th                                                         Fall hours begin

*All hours are subject to change and we will update you when we know more



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