Election Results: 2016-2017 Academic Year

Congratulations to all those elected to represent and lead the Rensselaer student body for the 2016-2017 academic year!


Grand Marshal: Paul Ilori


President of the Union: Chip Kirchner


Undergraduate Council President: Eryka Greaves


Independent Senators: Samantha Notley & Tianyi Qiao


Greek Senator (IFC): Marvin Cosare


Greek Senator (Panhellenic Council): Hannah Rabinowitz


Class of 2017 President: Kyle Neumann


Class of 2017 Vice President: Michael Gardner


Class of 2017 Senators

Austin Miller
Erica Braunschweig
Joseph Venusto
CJ Markum


Class of 2017 Representatives

Alexander Peixinho
Trevor Corraro
Emily Phillips
Brian Priem
Marcus Barbret
Samuel Waddell
Parker Reno
Ryan Bailey


Class of 2018 President: Brenna Buckley


Class of 2018 Vice President: Sean Waclawik


Class of 2018 Senators

Justin Etzine
Matthew Heimlich
Steven Sperazza
Richard Lin


Class of 2018 Representatives

Ellie Mees
Youssef Elasser
Yueze Li
Sefanie Warner
Gwen Diebold
Xing Tong
Daniel Gorman
Mark Beston
Kayla Cinnamon


Class of 2019 President: Vignesh Babu

Class of 2019 Vice President: Colin Williamson


Class of 2019 Senators

Kyle Waters
Nancy Bush
Caleb Caraway
Pamela Pulla


Class of 2019 Representatives

Colin Atkinson
Chris McCulloch
Benjamin Morrison
Jeffrey Rong
David Tamir
Thomas Jansson
Mark Birkbeck
Yuvi Chopra


Graduate Senators

Michael Caiola
Anthony Ashley
Brandon Bensel
Ainsley Pinkowitz
Jordan Angel
Anthony Bishop


Graduate Representatives

Amanda Youmans
Jennifer Church
Spencer Scott
Brandon Bensel
Emily Aaldenberg
Kelly Jenkins


Alumni President

Nicholas Dvorak

About Rensselaer Union

Rensselaer Union has been the center of student life at RPI since 1890. Rensselaer Union sponsors club activities, leadership, campus-wide programming, performing arts and fitness opportunities for all RPI students.

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Card Access is available at all times. Card swipe doors are located in the ATM lobby (west entrance) and the entrance to Fathers (east entrance).

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