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Performing Arts Groups - FAQ

Students who are interested in participating in performing arts groups at Rensselaer should be prepared to audition for their chosen group. Each group differs in required rehearsals and performances. Students should contact each individual group if they have questions that are not answered below. 

Should I bring my own instrument to campus? 

It is recommended that you bring your own instrument. However, the Rensselaer Music Association (RMA) has a limited number of instruments that are available for rent. Please contact RMA to find out if the instrument you need is available.

If I bring my own instrument, is there a secure place to store it? 

The RMA has limited secured storage available in the J-Building. ALl spaces are first come, first serve - with preference going to larger instruments. Contact the RMA President for more information.

Are practice rooms available? 

The RMA maintains several practice rooms for students in the J-Building. Contact RMA for additional information.

Are there pianos on campus available for students to use? 

Yes! There are several pianos in the J-Building. There is also a grand piano available for use in the Welcome Lobby of the Rensselaer Student Union.

Are private music lessons available on campus? 

No, Rensselaer currently does not offer official private music lessons. However, contact RMA for information on hiring local and professional instructors. 

Do I have to audition to become a member of a music ensemble? 

Yes. All groups represented within the Performing Arts Council (PAC) require an audition.

How do I audition for a music ensemble? 

The best strategy to ensure you are able to audition for the group(s) of your choice is to contact the group(s) you are interested prior to the start of the academic year. Inform them that you are interested and ask when auditions occur and what (if anything) you should prepare for your audition.


A listing of all performing arts clubs and organizations can be found on our website. For more information, email

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