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Entertainment & Multipurpose

For events that have needs not met by regular meeting rooms (entertainers, performances, social gatherings, etc.), entertainment and multipurpose facilities are available to accommodate a wide variety of events, from concerts to meetings and everything in between.

To reserve an facility listed below, please request a Facility Reservation at


A Place to Relax with Friends The Games Room, located in the Rensselaer Student Union, is a place to meet friends and unwind over a friendly game....

Events & Performances The McNeil Room is a great space for concerts, conferences, and campus events occurring in the evenings and...

Social Space & Performance Venue  Historically a place for students to gather and listen acoustic music as the Wine Emporium, ...

Contact Info

Reservation request information can be found under Facility Reservations.

Only student organizations recognized by Rensselaer Union, academic departments, and non-academic departments are able to request facility reservations.