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Graduate Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP)



The Graduate Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP) focuses on meeting the recreational needs of the graduate community at RPI.  Specifically designed for graduate students in mind, GORP’s outings and activities provide a safe, yet adventurous atmosphere in which all graduate students are able to enjoy.   By understanding the hectic lifestyle and academic dedication it takes to be a successful graduate student at RPI, GORP emphasizes the importance of personal well-being through social interactions, physical exercise, and cognitive restoration.  

GORP intends to facilitate a minimum of one monthly activity, with a participant average between 20-30 graduate students.  Likewise, GORP will offer 2- 3 overnight experiences during the year.  These activities will typically take place off-campus, in locations such as, but not limited to; state or city parks, National Forests, recreation centers, ski mountains/lodges, climbing gyms, etc.  While some of the activities may have no activity cost associated with them, the majority of them will have a fee depending on the activity itself.  With this, since most of the activities will take place off-campus, transportation will be provided for the attendees.