Wellness Institute

Sponsored by the Mueller Center and Rensselaer Union, The Wellness Institute is a program that encourages and promotes a healthy lifestyle, both body and mind, as a valuable life skill to the Rensselaer community. The program is designed to be a campus-wide, collaborative effort promoting existing and new health and wellness initiatives. It is our hope that you will find us to be a campus resource for health and wellness information, and a support system to enhance your educational and life goals. 

Signature Events

Stress Relief Days

Each semester on the Reading Days, just before final exams, we host the Stress Relief Days program. This two day event includes fitness classes, chair massages, stress management tools and resources, healthy snacks and nutrition tips, and more. 

Wellness Wednesdays

Each month, we host a Wellness Wednesday that will feature a specific health and well-being topic. Featured events include Resolution Goals, Fresh Check Day, Benefits of Sleep, Heart Health, Stress Relief, Nutrition 101 and more. A variety of fitness classes are offered, as well as, cardio and weight-training tutorials, chair massages, art therapy, and healthy snacks. We encourage the campus community to join us in a day of health and wellness education and classes. 

Student Opportunities

We strongly encourage ALL students to contact the Wellness Institute with new program ideas, offer suggestions, and become part of the Wellness Committee. If you would like to become a member of the Wellness Committee, please email Lauren Maneri


Know Your Wellness Wheel

The wellness wheel is a visual guide to better understand the eight dimensions or areas of an individual's life that make up their overall health. All elements are interconnected, meaning that setting goals in one area positively impact or improves your ability to expand that element of wellness.



Everything we do, everything we feel, and every emotion we have can influence our well-being. Our well-being directly effects our actions, emotions, and thoughts. Achieving complete wellness can help diminish stress, mitigate illness, and establish positive feelings, valuable interactions, and happiness. 



The eight dimensions of wellness that The Wellness Institute focuses on are: Emotional, Physical, Social, FinancialOccupationalEnvironmentalIntellectual, and Spiritual. All dimensions interconnect with one another and are equally important in obtaining holistic well-being. We are able to reach ultimate wellness by fully understanding and working towards optimizing each dimension. 


Emotional Wellness includes trust, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-control, and it allows us to experience relaxation, reduction of stress, and overall self-care.


Social Wellness includes our interactions and relationships with one another. This dimension focuses on building healthy, supportive, and valuable relationships and creating a genuine connection with those around you. Social wellness allows us to create healthy relationships and build a supportive social network.


Financial Wellness involves learning how to successfully manage your finances. Money plays a critical role in our lives and financial stress has found to be a regular source of stress, fear, and anxiety.


Occupational Wellness allows us to engage in our work and develop personal satisfaction from our accomplishments. Having a positive attitude about work or school can have a huge impact on your actions and abilities. Having optimal occupational health can help you achieve self-worth, happiness, and satisfaction.


Environmental Wellness is the act of living in a way that is respectful to our surroundings and environment. This dimension encourages us to take action to protect nature and our personal environment.


Intellectual Wellness challenges us through engagement of mentally stimulating and creative activities. Such activities can help us increase our skills and knowledge while also sharing our abilities with others.


Physical Wellness is taking proper care of our bodies through a well-balanced diet, having a strong and positive mentality, and participating in regular exercise. Engaging in physical wellness can result in feelings of alertness, energy, happiness, and confidence.


Spiritual Wellness encourages us to find purpose and meaning in our human existence. Spiritual wellness also helps us to appreciate life and all of our experiences. It is important for us to find meaning in our lives and to develop a human mind-body connection with yourself and the outside world. 


The Wellness Institute strives to provide unified and integrated health and wellness programs and services for members of the campus community to maintain healthy and active lifestyles and to create a culture that places their health and wellness among the highest priorities.


Lauren Maneri, Assistant Director, Wellness Program | 518-276-4122 | manerl@rpi.edu



Monday, February 5th, 2018

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