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How to Own the Activities Fair

'Tis the season. It is officially time for the annual RPI Activities Fair. Here are our top ten tips for how to have a great fair. 

1. Believe the Hype

We bet you heard about the Activities Fair from your RA, your SOA, your MOM (yes, your mom), and a bunch of other folks. How can this event be all it's cracked up to be? Trust us... it just is. 


2. Dress appropriately

The Activities Fair will be hot and sticky. Lots of people, not a lot of space. Be sure to wear something cool and comfortable. Hoodies and thermal pajamas have no business at the Activities Fair. 


3. Make a game plan

With over 200+ student organizations at RPI, there is no way to meet every club. Visit our club search page prior to the fair and make a list of the clubs you want to see.


4. Arrive early, stay late

Ok, so the doors won't officially open until 11am, but this is a big event. The sooner you arrive, the more time you will have to meet and greet. If you come late, it may be so packed you won't have enough time to talk to all the clubs you'd like.

5. Start a conversation with someone new

Clubs and organizations are looking to recruit new members. Be sure to engage with members who are present. You might just meet a new friend and join a club you never planned to join! 


6. Try the buddy system

Sometimes approaching a group of people who already know each other can be intimidating. Try attending the fair with a friend!


7Sign up to receive more information

Clubs will be collecting contact details of interested members. Sign up to receive more information. Remember - you can always elect to stop receiving emails from an organization if you choose not to join.


8. Don't forget to keep an open mind and sign up for something new

Try to sign up for clubs you think you'll like because you have experience or interest in the club (for example, if you played soccer in high school, why not sign up to receive information from the club soccer team?) and also speak to clubs you have never experienced before. Be sure to give clubs a legitimate chance and show up to a meeting or two - you might just find out you have an undiscovered passion and make new friends!


9. Go no matter what!

Is your roommate not attending? Who cares. Time to say goodbye to the haters and do something for you. 


10. Ask for help

Rensselaer Union staff members and student leaders will be present to help with the fair. If you're looking for a specific club or have questions, don't hesitate to ask!


If you utilize these strategies, you'll have a great activities fair! 

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