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Starting a Club

Getting Started

Thinking of starting a new club? Be sure to review the clubs already active on campus. If your club is unique compared to those already in existence, follow the steps below to start a club!

Click here for an overview of the process.

Steps to Follow:


Talk to the Rensselaer Union Administration Office

If a similar club doesn't already exist,  download information online and learn about the starting a new club process. Next, schedule a meeting with Director, Cameron McLean, by emailing or by visiting the Administration Office in the Rensselaer Student Union, room 3702.


Register as a New Club

After discussing your idea with Student Activities you must register your group as a new club. Fill out the New Club Registration form and the information will be sent to the Rensselaer Union Club Operations Committee and filed with the Rensselaer Union Administration Office.


Follow the Club Recognition Procedure

This procedure requires communications with the Club Operations Committee, completing the New Club Evaluation, and a Club Starter Constitution. If you have questions about the process, you can contact the Club Operations Committee at



Club Classifications


Rensselaer Union classifies clubs in two major categories, recognized and affiliated. Within the recognized category, clubs may be either funded or unfunded. Unfunded clubs may request funds to subsidize program costs with agreement to return the funds within a specified time frame. Affiliated organizations may not apply for funding, but may have access to other resources (meeting rooms, access to the Club Management System, web space, and more). 

Connect with the Executive Board or Student Activities Resource Person (SARP)

Download our New Club Evaluation Guide

Any More Questions?

Email or call 518-276-6505. Students may also visit the Rensselaer Union Admin Office.