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Student Activities

Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

Student activities sponsored by Rensselaer Union aim to engage students in co-curricular and extracurricular experiences that enhance leadership development, professional skills, and cultural competencies. There are a plethora of opportunities for students to take action including being a member of a student organization, taking leadership roles within student clubs, joining committees, and taking an active role in student government.

Students looking for ways to get involved should contact one of the many active student organizations on campus or email for additional guidance. Be sure to take an active role in your student experience with Rensselaer Union and get involved!


Annual Events

Rensselaer Union activities are steeped in tradition. Annual Events are intended to bolster school spirit, educate the campus community, facilitate interaction with faculty, staff and alumni, and create lasting memories for students at Rensselaer. Some of these events include Activities Fair, Hockey Line, and International Festival. 



Students are at the heart of student activities at RPI. Rensselaer Union SARPs, or Student Activity Resource Persons, are available to provide guidance, mentorship, support, and resources to students involved in student activities at RPI. Only those clubs funded by Rensselaer Union are assigned a SARP, but any student organization is welcome to visit the Rensselaer Union Administration Office to seek guidance. 

Additional club resources are available online. 


Student Activities Gallery

Operating Hours

Rensselaer Union Student Activities staff members are available 9-5, Monday - Friday, when the Institute is open.


Rensselaer Student Union, Room 3702

Contact Info


Cameron McLean, Director of Student Activities –

Maria Roberts, Assistant Director

Dr. Miciah Yehudah, Assistant Director

Benjamin Yung, Assistant Director

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