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Engineering Ambassadors

The RPI Engineering Ambassadors (EAs) are a group of RPI engineering students devoted to inspiring younger students with what they are learning in their chosen major including the newest technological breakthroughs, and the real-world challenges yet to be overcome to better our world. The RPI EAs visit public and private K – 12th grade classrooms, and support Afterschool & Saturday morning science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) clubs. We share presentations and incorporate engaging hands-on activities of real-world applications of STEM related topics that students learn in their classrooms. Our presentations implement a new award-winning style that pushes the boundaries of traditional power point and engage the students in hands-on activities that complement the topics while also introducing team building and problems solving skills. We also support general panel discussions that provide an opportunity for pre-college students ask questions of the RPI EAs about engineering, college, jobs and internships, etc.

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